About Bangladesh Whitepages

Background of Bangladesh Whitepages:

Bangladesh Whitepages is formed in January 2008. The whole idea and planning was first proposed by M Tajuddin who is currently living in Australia. It started the journey in modern Internet world with very limited resources and information. There are millions of websites in www but we can find limited numbers of websites that provide reliable information. So eventually it was a bit hard to start our project from zero. Day-by-day we are getting there. The whole idea behind this project (website) was to introduce Bangladesh People, human resources, business, and its natural beauty over the world. There are heaps of information in the net now-a-days but this website is pretent to be one of the reliable website for information and contents. We aim to keep it as possible. Bangladesh Whitepages is a private website, and managed by whitepage development group. Whitepages and yellowpages are the directory that most of the people use to find people, business, restaurant, trade, and tourist place. Usually most of the developed countries got their own whitepages which is normally maintained by government but unfortunately Bangladesh does not have such a website where people can get information as required. Hopefully we will get positive feedback from Bangladesh Government and Bangladeshi peoples.

Update and Maintainance:

Currently we do not have any paid web developer to maintain the website. M Tajuddin spend his spare time to develop the website and update the information. Other management members help to analyse the website information and registration information. All members of the website committee are engage with full time job but happy to spend there spare time for this website. The website is still under process and lot of things to be done but due to the lack of time and resources we can not force it quickly. However trying to keep it up to date. We require volunteers for developing the website and financial help as well. Please contact us if you are interested to contribute with us. Also we require heaps of information about Bangladesh People, Business, Technology, Economy, Political situation and Tourist spot. Everybody are encouraged to send information to Bangladesh Whitepages. Please note no information will be available without justification and varification.

Financial Support:

Currently Bangladesh Whitepages does not have any active financial supporter or donor. The management committee managed the initial expenses to start the project but we require more financial supports to add more functionality and resources in this website. We encourage the Bangladesh Business organisations, individuals, and communities to sponsor us to develop this website and keep it alive. We will be offering advertisement in our website with very low cost, and it will go against the site maintenance cost. It will be golden opportunity to introduce your business over the world. Internet is one of the most appropriate media to advertise your business to get large number of customer with less expense. You can expand your business in a click over the whole world.

Future Vision and Mission:

In future Bangladesh Whitepages will have a portal for the people who are living overseas. This portal will provide the information about the peoples who are living abroad. We have planning to add legal advise or support for the overseas people who are living many countries over the world. Specially our peoples would be able to know their rights in that country where they live. This project will take time to implement. At the moment the main focus of this project is to introduce our country, people, business, economy and natural resources to the people over the world.

Thanks for visiting Bangladesh Whitepages website. Please send your feedback and ideas to make it better and effective for everybody. We encourage to contact us if you see any wrong or/and incorrect information.