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Each UK job 'chased by 10 people'

Posted By: M Tajuddin, Australia23.03.2009

There is an average of 10 jobseekers for every vacancy advertised in UK jobcentres, the TUC has warned.

The trade union body said the ratio - which applies to unemployed people who are claiming jobseeker allowance - had more than doubled over the past year. The TUC said that while 10 unemployed people were chasing every advertised job in January of 2009, a year earlier it was only four per vacancy. In 25 council areas there were now more than 20 people per job, it added.

'Shocking jobs fall'

Two London boroughs came next, with Hackney on 36, and Lewisham on 34. The TUC said it had come to its figures by analysing official data. The Office for National Statistics is now expected to say on Wednesday that UK unemployment went above two million between January and March.

"Rising unemployment has been matched by an equally shocking decline in job vacancies," said TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber. "The government can no longer claim there is plenty of work available when there are as many as 20 dole claimants per jobcentre vacancy in parts of the country."

Source: BBC NEWS

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