Types of Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills are one of the most effective birth controls, since they work inside the body of the girl. These pills decrease the fertility of the girl making her unable to get pregnant for that time. These pills prevent ovulation by marinating consistent hormone levels; they do not let the ovary resale a single egg, therefore not providing the essential of pregnancy.
Several types of birth control pills are available however; pills meeting your requirement should be selected in order to ensure their effectiveness and to avoid the harmful affects.

Progestin-only pills

Commonly known as “mini pill” is one of the most effective types of birth control pills. It is estrogen free, which helps the breast feeding ladies to feed easily. In case of other pills milk production gets affected. To ensure the effectiveness of mini pill, it should be taken after every 24 hours. . To work effectively, they must be taken at a certain time every 24 hours. Menstrual cramps and pain is also reduced by using mini pills.

Combination pills

These are the most common and used type of birth control pills. These pills contain estrogen and progestin. Each combination pill contains equal amount of these two substances. They are further categorized into three sub types Monophasic pills, Multiphasic pills and Continuous use pill. Monophasic pills come in the packs with 21 pills, with seven placeboes without any hormones. Theses pills reduce the menstruation period to once every three months instead of menstruation every month.
Multiphasic pills contain irregular levels of estrogen and progestin for the month. These pills reduce the side effects including irregular bleeding, and spotting and amenorrhea, which is obvious with increased amount of estrogen and progestin. Then there are continuous use pills, which are taken more regularly. These pills stop the maturation of women; however irregular bleeding and spotting might still occur.


Emergency contraceptive pills

When the normal birth control pills fail to prevent the pregnancy or there was an unprotected sex, emergency contraceptive pills are the ultimate method prevents pregnancy. It is advised to take the pills 120 hors after having unprotected sex.
All these pills have their side affects; most of the birth control pills stimulate irregular bleeding, headache, vomiting, weight gain increased breast size etc. however these side affects do not counter the benefits, all these pills eliminate the fear of unexpected pregnancy.



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