Applying lipstick to enhance your Lip Shape

A lipstick can do wonders to a pair of otherwise dull lips. Just a bit of color on the lips can make a difference in your overall look. A lipstick can literally change the shape of your lips and enhance your facial appearance. The secret is in the choice of colors and the technique used.

For any lipstick to look great on you, be sure to equip yourself with basic makeup tools, such as a lip brush, a lip lining pencil, a lip balm or any lip protector, and of course, your choice of lipcolor.

Begin transforming your lips by brushing along the corners of your mouth using a toothbrush. This will remove dead skin cells around your lips. Likewise, it will clear your lip area for better definition. Next, dab on lip moisturizer on your lips. A lip moisturizer or lip balm will serve as lip base and will prevent your lips from drying out or cracking. Now, it is time to shape your lips. You may do this with the use of a lip lining pencil. Start at the center of the upper lip, and draw a thin line down towards the corners of the mouth, going through the natural course of the lips. Then, fill it in with color using a lip brush.


The color of your lip lining pencil and your lipstick must be of the same shade. Your choice of lip color must harmonize with your skin color perfectly. When choosing colors, remember, too, that light and frosted lipstick will give lips a lift, making them look full. So, if you don’t have full lips, go for something that is light and frosted and follow it up with a lip gloss. For already full lips, however, matte lipstick is recommended to make the lips look thin.



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